Executing a project with the right resourcers for management, coordination and monitoring!
More than just project management
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Executing a project means that you have to keep an eye on many aspects. At South Group we have experience executing a large scale of projects. In some cases we were just there to monitor the progress of the projects and report back and in other cases we executed a fully turn-key project.

Sometimes you just feel more comfortable if an independent person can go and check certain parts of the progess of your project. Maybe you need extra reports, or maybe you just want some extra information of the progress and the budget side. Whatever you need we can be that independent person and make sure you sleep calm at night.

Haveing a project means you want a tight execution without any fails or surprises. We can execute your project and make sure it stays within the budget and the time. Also we will be straightforward if there are problems going to appear. In that way you will not be submitted with surprises and will be able to adjust your project in time in such a way that all will still be within the objectives you have.

Information is constantly gathered of your projects. We can make sure the correct information is monitored and we then can also take care also is put in a good report that can be used for you to take the correct decisions in time.

Planning and design
Last we can help to shape your idea into a viable and sustainable project plan. Depending on your needs we can do this from scratch or working together with you to turn your draft idea in fully presentable project proposal that can be used to request any needed financing and donors, financial institutions or convince the key people within your organization about the viability of your idea.
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