Our Mission
South Group is an independent organization whose mission is to contribute to the equitable development  of Bolivia in an environment of national and international cooperation and participation. This mission is fulfilledthrough the creation, analysis and dissemination of research to extend knowledge and critical thinking to all those involved in the field of health, agriculture, environment, trade, governance and integration.

Strategic Goals

Execute Studies, research and other related activities in area of the economy that serve as a base for decision-making and creation of policies to promote better economic and social development at local, national and regional level.

Collect, interpret, analyze and disseminate information about national and regional events.

Provide advisory services to public and private institutions and individuals who need collaboration for its various activities.

Organizing training courses and seminars in order to increase knowledge of the national, regional and international reality to serve as a basis to make a better understanding of national and regional realities.

Working with universities nationally and internationally for the organization of training courses for Bolivia in order to exchange knowledge and experiences among different communities.
South Group

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