Running a research project in Bolivia does not need to be dificult. We are here to help you!
We can help
Doing research in a country such as Bolivia is dificult. You will be facing many barreers that are unique for countries such as Bolivia. We have a vast experience and with our network we are able to tackle the problems of the research and bring it to a good end. We have a close relation with different institutions, universities and authorities to be able to remove any hurdles that might appear.

Verifying your proposal and monitor the research
We are also available for verifying your research proposal or to monitor and control your ongoing researches in Bolivia. Isn´t it a comfortable thought that you can have someone that knows the environment, speaks your language (We can comunicate in English, French, Spanish and Dutch) who can help and keep an eye on the research that your are executing?

Writing the reports and articles
Furthermore we can help you with the writing of the proposal, articles and reports of the research carried out in Bolivia. Our team members have many publications on their name and know what is critical in an article to make the dissemination a success.

Our research experience:
- Action research
- Designing interventions
- Qualitative research
- Quantitative research
- Literature research
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