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Sexual and Reproductive Health

South Group has a vast experience in Sexual and Reproductive Health eduction. Most organizations when doing SRH eduction focus primary on the biological aspects and adolescents. We have discovered that there are other aspects that are critcal and also more stakeholders that can benefit from a proper SRH education.

Our workshops focus on:
Health Care Personel
School teacher

Topics that are touched:
Self Esteeem
Doctor Patient Comunication
Access to Health Services
Health and Economics

Health problems become nowadays complicated and complex problems that we see that more and more health care personal see these problems as not only medical but also socio-economical. Preventive medicine campaigns need the medical knowledge but additional help from economists in the area of costs, marketing and decision making is becoming a need.

- Introduction to Health and Economics
- Decision making in Health
- Cost Effectiveness of Preventive campaigns
Obtaining knowledge to be prepared!

The fast changing environment of your organization demands that your people are constantly up to date with the latest developments in the area you are working. At South Group we are aware of this and it is our goal to be constantly on the edge of the development in health, economics, marketing and politics to be able to offer our help to companies, educational and other institutions so they are ready for the future.
Agricultural Trade

For developing countries agriculture is not only an important part of the expenditurs of a typical household, it is also a huge opportunity for export. However the economics behind this often blocks producers to grow and to become more efficient.

- Agricultural Economics
- International Agricultural Economics
- Critical aspects of Agricultural Trade
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